The ideal device for every application!
Worldline - SIX has a wide range of secure, reliable and efficient terminals.

The ideal device for every application

SIX has a wide range of secure, reliable and efficient terminals available that make cashless payments a breeze.

Whether you are a large or small enterprise operating in retail, catering, service provision or another branch entirely, SIX has the right terminal and the ideal cashless payment solution for you and your customers.

The standard solution for rapid cashless payments at the point of sale guarantees maximum efficiency even when dealing with a high number of customers. This is in part thanks to contactless technology, which SIX provides for its POS-integrated payment terminals as standard.

Integrated Terminal 1


The efficient option that packs a punch
The yomani XR PINPAD payment terminal: when only the best will do for retailers and providers in the hospitality sector

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Integrated Terminal 3


Flexibility meets convenience
The yoximo MOBILE PINPAD payment terminal: an integrated solution with a wireless connection

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Integrated Terminal 2

LANE 5000

Integrated and easy to use
The Lane 5000 payment terminal: an ultra-convenient choice with a color touch screen

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Integrated Terminal 4

MOVE 3500

Mobile and ultra-compact
The Move 3500 payment terminal: maximum functionality in convenient pouch format

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Rugged and reliable
The davinci Safe PINPAD payment terminal: designed to endure

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TIM connects –Integrating payment terminals made easy

TIM is the new and flexible interface from SIX for quick and easy integration into your point of sale solution. 

Integrating TIM (Till Integration Module) is quite simple. This module enables seamless and automatic communication between your point of sale application or software and the ep2 payment terminals from SIX. TIM gives you and your customers a free choice of the payment terminal you would like to integrate.

TIM offers you the following benefits:
  • Secure, reliable transaction workflow
  • Independent of operating systems
  • Simple, understandable API
  • Various development environments and programming languages are supported
  • Modular technical architecture for any known payment procedure
  • Can now also be used in point of sale applications of mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones
  • Optimum support for distributed cash register systems
  • Support from qualified integration experts at SIX



An interface that can do everything: the Multi Protocol Driver (MPD) from SIX Payment Services connects your payment terminal to your point-of-sale, hotel management or ticket/vending machine software. It's that simple.

An integrated payment terminal is faster, more convenient and more efficient than an independent one. You can manage your payments directly via your point-of-sale or hotel management system, meaning you are less susceptible to errors and only have to enter each payment once and receive one sales slip. The solution is perfect for ticket and vending machines as well.

Integration is simple: thanks to MPD, your point-of-sale application communicates seamlessly and automatically with the right terminal – as if you were to hook up a printer. And it’s flexible, too: we can easily align MPD to your individual requirements in the case of software updates and hardware switches.