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and long-lasting relationships with customers. These relationships are initiated
and nurtured through honest and transparent communication.

Our doors are always open and we can’t wait to hear your story and how we can be
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Customer Care & Sales


The process is very simple and you may register for one or both services.

Please fill in the contact form in our website and one of our representatives will contact you soon or call at 77775000 (+35777775000 from abroad).

The card processing fees or Merchant Services Charges (MSC) is the total commission deducted for each debit or credit card transaction. Your fees will be tailored to your business requirements hence please contact us for your personalised proposal.

The card processing fees – Merchant Services Charge (MSC) that you pay for your Vpayments services is made up of three components.

  1. Card Acquiring Fees – Card processing fees paid to Vpayments for processing and handling the transaction
  2. Interchange Fees – These are imposed by the issuer (e.g. a Bank) of the card and are added on top of the Card Acquiring Fees.
  3. Card Scheme Fees – These are imposed by the card schemes (e.g. Visa or Mastercard) and are also added on top of the processing fees.
  4. Card POS Terminal fees (where applicable)
  5. Card POS Terminal installation fees (where applicable)
  6. Online payment platform fees (where applicable)

Transaction Fees (where applicable)

We process all your transactions by 1am (Cyprus time)  at midnight and the money will be in your bank account between 11am – 3pm next working day.

Once you have completed the registration (onboarding process) and we have received the authorisation codes for the terminals you're set up and ready to take payments in less than five minutes. The onboarding process usually takes between 2-3 working days.

Your card terminal will be delivered to you by an authorised installer who will arrange an appointment with you upfront.

You can accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Diners, China Union Pay and American Express (under a separate agreement)

Yes, all our card terminals accept contactless payments.

Yes, all our card terminals and online payment gateway platforms for e-commerce accept these payment types.

Yes, you can accept all cards listed above. Your card terminal as well as your online payment gateway may be enabled for DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion). This is particularly useful for those customers of yours whose cards are in any non-Euro currency. In all cases where a transaction is made on DCC you receive a cashback of 1% on the Euro amount of the transaction.

Please talk to one of our representatives to explain how you and your customers can benefit from this feature.

You can manage your account using by logging into the My Portal application from your computer using your credentials. If for any reason you need any assistance, please contact us by email or phone as above.