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Cashless payments really pay off – For your business
No matter what your industry, SIX always has the perfect cashless payment solution on hand – precisely tailored to the specific requirements of your chosen field.

Different industries have different requests and requirements, even when it comes to cashless payments. To meet every aspect of these specific challenges, SIX has developed a wide range of exclusive industry-specific solutions. We have taken countless factors into consideration, from acceptance of your customers' preferred cards, to various processing services and specialized payment terminals. All of SIX’s industry solutions are characterized by superb reliability and maximum flexibility. They feature a range of customer-focused value added services and can be easily integrated into existing payment infrastructures and back office systems.

Card Acceptance

Desktop Terminals

To get started with card payments, all that most small businesses need is a payment terminal that isn’t integrated into the cash register. It couldn’t be simpler to register, set up or use the terminals: simply plug in the cable and your customers can use their preferred card to start paying for their goods quickly and conveniently.

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Mobile Terminals

Mobile payment terminals enable your customers to settle bills and make purchases where it is most convenient for them instead of going to the POS: at their table in a restaurant, in the back of a taxi, or standing next to the products in a boutique store.

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Integrated Terminals

The standard solution for rapid cashless payments at the point of sale guarantees maximum efficiency even when dealing with a high number of customers. This is in part thanks to contactless technology, which SIX provides for its POS-integrated payment terminals as standard.

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Unattended Terminals

From petrol stations and vending machines to car parks and automated supermarket checkouts, self-service payment is becoming more popular all the time. If you are looking for an unattended cashless payment solution, SIX has a wide range of secure, reliable and efficient options available.

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