Payment Terminals

POS terminals are much more than devices that accept payments. They have evolved into business-critical tools with key impacts on both customer experience and business operations.

Vpayments always has the perfect cashless payment solution on hand – precisely tailored to the specific requirements of your industry.

Desktop Terminals

Let’s start with the simplest, most widely adopted solution out there – the desktop terminal.

This is ideal for new as well as small to medium businesses looking for an easy way to accept card payments.

Just plug in the cable and watch the money start flowing.


Introducing PAX’s smallest desktop payment terminal yet.


PAX’s S800 is the world’s most innovative countertop payment terminal. 

Mobile Terminals

Wireless headphones, wireless charging stations, wireless keyboards – we live in the era of mobile solutions, and terminal payments are no exception to this wave of innovation.

Allow your customers to pay from the comfort of their chair in a restaurant, in the back of a taxi or standing next to products in a store.


The world’s sleekest compact mobile terminal.


The most beautiful and popular mobile terminal.

A920 Pro

The upgraded version of the world’s best-selling mobile terminal.


Transform your smartphone into a professional financial POS terminal.

Integrated Terminals
& Accessories

POS-integrated payment terminals feature contactless technology and can be easily integrated through any interface into your existing cash register infrastructure.

They are ideal for busy stores with high levels of customer frequency.


The world’s most innovative countertop payment terminal powered by a secure operating platform.


Reliable Countertop.
A small footprint sized desktop terminal.


Introducing a new generation integrated smart PIN-pad for the retail marketplace.


Our entry-level traditional smart PIN-Pad for the retail marketplace.

SP20 V4

The sleekest compact NFC PIN-Pad for a more convenient payment experience.


Protect your terminals instore. Supports PAX models A920, S300, Q80, Q30.

Unattended Terminals

From gas stations and vending machines to parking lots and automated supermarket checkouts, self-service payment is becoming the new payment norm.

A new generation for an unattended experience designed to increase unattended sales.


The industry’s game changer self-service terminal.