IM30 - Unattended Terminal

Formidable. Smart. Unattended.

The IM30 is the newest state-of-the-art self-service terminal on the market, an all-in-one ruggedised device with all required industry certifications, advanced connectivity and accepting any form of payment.

A premium, interactive interface that can be integrated into all kiosks and vending machines.

It is designed to increase sales, implement security, and be impervious to environmental damage. It combines all the cool benefits of Android with the robustness of unattended product, so you can generate new revene streams in any self-service enviroment.


  • Android 7.1
  • 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth + IP or WiFi + Bluetooth + IP
  • NFC contactless + Magstripe + Smart Card Reader
  • 5-inch TFT WXGA 720 x 1280Px Colour Touchscreen  
  • PIN on Glass
  • 2MP Front Camera + Scanner 
  • Vandal + water + dust +scratch resistant
  • IP55 I IK08 physical protection
  • PCI PTS 5.x SRED
  • ATEX certified
Gas Support
Security Standard

All-round card support

We offer acceptance agreements for the following
debit and credit cards: