Large or small, startup or conglomerate, the retail payments sector is equally demanding for all players.

At Vpayments we have the tech, the infrastructure, the support, knowledge and skill-set to tailor solutions that fit your business structure and goals.

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Designing a payments solution for the fashion industry needs
to be as dynamic, diverse and adaptable as the fashion industry itself.

Our solution is equipped with dynamic currency conversion, a simple function for refunds and other customer-friendly value added services such as tax-free.


Whether you’re a supermarket or a specialty business focusing on gourmet delicacies; you are trying to please the most basic need, food.

With the industry solution from Vpayments, you can rest assured that your customers will enjoy their entire shopping experience – from picking products to savoring them.

Cashless payments using a credit or debit card increase the overall convenience, security and efficiency of the customer experience.

Industry Relevant

Terminals are curated to fit the needs of specific industries.

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Introducing PAX’s smallest desktop payment terminal yet.


Introducing a new generation integrated smart PIN-pad for the retail marketplace.

SP20 V4

The sleekest compact NFC PIN-Pad for a more convenient payment experience.


Our entry-level traditional smart PIN-Pad for the retail marketplace.


PAX’s S800 is the world’s most innovative countertop payment terminal. 

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